Our ethos as a business focusses on providing exceptional value, building long-term trust and developing relationships that last. When buying our goods, you can expect to receive a guaranteed level of quality and service unrivalled in our industry.

I guess our story started several years ago when one of our beloved dogs, a female English Springer Spaniel called Arran, who was full of energy and life, developed conditions, over a period, which affected her life considerably. She initially was diagnosed with suspected Cushing's Disease. I say suspected, as all the tests she had were not 100% positive, but the symptoms she exhibited were an exact match. Increased thirst and urination, a lack of energy, thinning of her coat, all classic signs of Cushing's Disease. After an extended period of uncertainty, and many visits to the vets, she was eventually treated for Cushing's Disease, and the condition was reasonably well controlled, using various medications. She was, therefore, able to continue with her life as normal.

Around a year after developing the condition, she began to slow down again. She had difficulties standing up after prolonged rest and movement during walks was noticeably impaired. A further visit to the vets confirmed what we already suspected and that Arran had severe arthritis, the result of too much running and chasing her ball in her younger days. We tried her on several painkillers but were restricted by the choices available because of the medication she was already taking as a result of the Cushing's Disease. She reacted badly to these and the pain from arthritis gradually increased. In the end, it was decided, because of her advanced years that her suffering should come to an end. At the time we didn't know of any other action we could take, and nothing was explained to us by our vet on what else we could have done to help her. After years of being a valuable family member, it was a massive loss to our lives, something which still resonates with us today.

Some years later we had the chance to get involved in the pet supplement industry developing products which could make a real difference to an animal's health and quality of life. Due to our experience, we were excited about the opportunity and wanted to be involved in the manufacture and sale of high-quality products, at an affordable price, which contained active ingredients designed to give a better quality of life. We wanted to be in a position to try and help others who were going through a similar experience.

Fast forward to 2017, and we decided we needed to try and fill the void left by Indy and Arran. Since we lost them the house always seemed so empty, and although Indy and Arran were irreplaceable, we felt we needed dogs in our life again.